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Hey, I get it...Christian clothing can be a bit cheesy or corny. Don't get me wrong I will rock a Jesus loves you Hoodie or scripture in cursive font T-shirt any day. BUT sometimes you may want to wear something more you know...

Stylish - Hip - Dope - Bold - Powerfully Understated

BMS is here to deliver that! You'll find a variety of unique fashions including exclusive Champion Brand apparel. And we have a few classic Christian options too.  

"Good material and looks great [Mercy Me Hoodie], seems like everywhere I go someone gives a compliment or ask where I [purchased] from" - From Verified Customer

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When the world tells us being good is wack it can be challenging to share your faith in a cool and natural way without diluting the message.
Or even worse some people and companies settle on selling a God is the universe message and leaving out two other key truths - Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Black Mustard Seed is all about faith and power. And you can't have either without Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So while we love to make unique fashion everything has to be co-signed by the Holy Spirit! BMS Christian apparel features clothing with messages of...

God - Jesus Christ - The Holy Spirit - Faith - Authority - Grace - Worship - Righteousness 

BMS provides you with the stylish fashion you're looking for!  And allows you to easily share the many powerful messages of the Bible!

"NO FEAR is a statement that may be considered beyond bold in the social/political environment we live in. But in faith, fear is something we grow to overcome. After buying this [No Fear Snapback] hat I've had a few people approach me to ask what it means to me to have "no fear". And, that has [led] to opportunities to share a message of faith. ... it's the good quality in materials and stitching that catches the eye." - From Verified Customer

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Here's the best part...BMS knows faith without works is dead. 10% of all profits go back to God through Faith Church which has great local and global missions and ministries. PLUS we instantly donate $1 dollar from each item sold to other Christian Charities including feeding the poor, rescuing the sex trafficked, and prison ministries! That's up to 20% of our profit doing good works. Awesome future customers like you will be making a difference in the world!  

BMS Street Fashion Co-Signed by the Holy Spirit

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