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  • For The Kingdom - Be The Seed - Move Mountains

For The Kingdom - Be The Seed - Move Mountains

About BMS

Our Vision. Our Style.

BMS features unique, sometimes thought provoking, spirit filled designs. We don't design unless there is God given inspiration. BMS strives to provide dope apparel that will encourage believers and non-believers to take notice of God. Whether in school,  work, on the court, or skate the park share your faith. BMS not only strives to give you opportunity to share faith but to strength your own. Know you are covered by grace through Jesus Christ, powered by the Holy Spirit, and loved by God! It is through strengthening and sharing faith that the Kingdom of God grows. Like the mustard seed...

Our Inspiration

In Matthew 13:Jesus told a parable..

“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed planted in field.

It is the smallest of all his seeds it grows to be the largest of garden plants so that the birds come and rest in it.”

Later in Matthew 17: Jesus said

“…if you have faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Nothing will be impossible."

Faith moves mountains. Faith unites His Kingdom. Through Christ anything is possible. 

The Black Mustard Seed

Some scholars believe the Black Mustard is the plant Jesus was talking about. When this tiny black mustard seed is planted it can grow up to 10 to 15 feet in some cases.

Black Mustard grows everywhere. Completely invasive. It inner twines tightly creating these dense layers called thickets… becoming home to many animals. It literally becomes its own ecosystem. Perhaps some would say kingdom. In the some scriptures thickets are used to describe kingdoms.

Like the black mustard seed, the power and potential of Faith is great! Great enough to move mountains went planted! Our Faith is the seed…

The kingdom of God spreads through us…creating a thick covering as we spread the word of God, people give their lives to Christ, increase in faith, and the Kingdom of God expands!

Join Us!

This is BMS planting…becoming the seed. BMS is our way of encouraging others to plant faith in Christ!

Join us and Be the Mustard Seed.