Some say the Christmas season starts after Halloween, some say after Thanksgiving, then there's me who enjoys Christmas season (celebrating the birth of Jesus in particular) year around 😄 . 

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No matter when you start (or never stop) celebrating Christmas you should ask yourself "why do I celebrate Christmas the way I do?" Answering your "why?" can help point you in the direction of deeper joy and understanding when you celebrate.

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So to help you out in processing of your "why?" and in honor of Christmas being right around the corner, I'm sharing my simple Christmas holiday guide that highlights three must-do's during this season...

1. Knowledge about the Christmas holiday.

Is it just me, or do you feel more connected to something or someone when you know more about them? Gaining an awareness of the “reason for the season” can help you connect to the significance of the birth of Christ. There's much to unpack with that story because as you may or may not know Jesus' birth meant a lot then and still does today. (Re)Learn about Jesus' birth - it's a must-do that'll enrich your Christmas experience every year.

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2. Fun Traditions.

Incorporating a fun Christmas tradition into your Christmas holiday celebration presents an opportunity for your joy tank to be filled! And considering the state of this world, who wouldn’t want their joy tank to be filled or a sense of connection from new information right about now?! Depending on what the tradition is, it can also solidify your knowledge about the Christmas holiday even more. Taking pictures with Santa, although more culturally fun than anything (at least in America), is an example of a Christmas tradition. Reading about the original story of Santa might also be worth revisiting during the Christmas season each year. My now 4 year old daughter had very little familiarity with Santa last year. She's since learned about him and also about baby Jesus birth story. Through a new tradition we have of reading books about the upcoming holiday she'll hopefully gain a deeper joy, understanding and love for Jesus. What traditions do you want to start or continue that'll bring you closer to Jesus Christ?

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3. Meaningful gifts.

Whether receiving or giving, a meaningful gift also falls in line with the essence of what the Christmas holiday is all about. The birth of Christ was a very meaningful and special day in history. It was an important part of the “good news” or gospel story. I share my love to others through various ways including gifts for Christmas because of the love shown to me by God.

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For all those 🔼  parents or friends out there I’ve found a few more unique and fresh gift ideas that are worth checking out for you or a loved one this Christmas (yes, they sell gift cards).

All of these companies are small businesses and each operated by people that share meaningful (& Christ centered) messages through their products with the world... 

🎁. Black Mustard Seed Clothing Brand (of course 😄 )
🎁. FREED Merch and
🎁.  Beleaf in Fatherhood Merch (when they do drop a line)


Unique but crucial. Those three simple christmas holiday guide must-do's, if not already a part of your Christmas season, will change your experience of this holiday and take you to a level of depth you won’t regret. 


Merry Christmas!